Motorola XOOM takes crown at CES

Motorola XOOM takes crown at CES with dual core Tegra 2  mobile CPU/1GB RAM/1280×800/capacitive multitouch/Android 3.0.

Yes, finally some real movement after 2 years of undisputed leadership from Apple. Still lot of pads are not even on par with iPad, ie Galaxy is completely forgetable now.

Competition had time do take the lessons from Jobs but still they might not be really updated, as the iPad 2 is rumoured to be just around the corner.

Price to be annonced.

The dual core nVidia CPU Tegra 2 (wiki), “world’s first mobile super chip” -nVidia says, promises a lot, including videoconference, the memory (DDR2) is exceeding the main competitor and supports (will do) storage cards.
Later on there will be a version supporting 4G (Q2?)

Some pics from,

It’s sibling, the Atrix 4G comes in using pretty much the same specifications.