Solved – Stop c0000221 unknown hardware error

Today I got an:

STOP c00000221 unknown hardware error

on a blue screen. Nothing else. In fact I get nothing when I try to boot from HDD, including Safe mode, Last good known configuration, Disable restart…
I get this screen when I use the Windows CD.

After some helpful reading on, aside all of the mumblibgs (include here the MS page) I changed the DVD-ROM drive and I was able to reinstall XP.
(One of the MS’s advices was to get another copy of my brand new (well, unused = like new, isn’t it?) Windows CD.

I tryied to deactivate UDMA, but in this new BIOS I just could’n tell which was what related to UDMA, so I just tryied an old DVD drive and here I am, problem solved.

I write this, regarding to this very old (but beloved) XP only because the crap related to this error is huge, I was very lucky to find annoyances link in the first page of results, so my pain was short… 😉

Long time I did not see a blue screen, and this remembers me that there is an screensaver that fakes one at sysinternals ( – yes, they have the sense of humor) called BlueScreen Screen Saver.

Really cool!