KMPlayer is gone

Nice days using KM Player have come to an end. Yes, KM Player is gone for me.

Once the best media player around – maybe VLC would beat that, still KMP has a better interface, whether you use the mouse or the keyboard. Even though VLC knows broadcasting – some form of DLNA, but older than smart TVs.
Today, KM Player is unusable – no matter what you do, there! an ad pops up. You manage to block the ads because you’re tech savvy, blocked and the browser integrated into the player does not open anymore, but there pops up an entire Internet Explorer window, telling that it cannot connect home, to show you more ads. So you keep closing pages you don’t want to see until you’re fed up.

Well, I do understand that this fine piece of software (that once was) has to feed some programmers, but the way they chosen will only do part between them and their huge loyal fan base. I would have asked for money – up front. You like my app? Please pay for it.

If you really want to keep it, use the older ver., from File Hippo. You still have to uncheck the bundled pandora, or ask, or whatever this pack contains (I don’t remember exactly which one)


But there is a better solution: Pot Player.
They got already a lot of appreciation on the web, it’s free, even more, not even bars or search engines bundled? Hard to believe, but true.
This media player is also korean (watch out which link do you click, you might end with the korean version 😉 )





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