Camera Raw 5.6 update

New update available, Camera Raw 5.6 for Photoshop CS4 (CS3 only supports Camera Raw 4.x, so this is of no use)

Supports new cameras, like:

* Canon EOS 1D Mark IV
* Canon EOS 7D
* Canon PowerShot G11
* Canon PowerShot S90
* Leaf Aptus-II 5
* Mamiya DM22
* Mamiya DM28
* Mamiya DM33
* Mamiya DM56
* Mamiya M18
* Mamiya M22
* Mamiya M31
* Nikon D3s
* Olympus E-P2
* Panasonic DMC-FZ38
* Pentax K-x
* Sigma DP1s
* Sony A500
* Sony A550
* Sony A850

Camera Raw 5.6 ReadeMe (pdf)

Updater link here.  (zip, 89.7 MB)

Manual update link here.  (zip, 48.3 MB)


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