Camera Raw – to edit JPEGs instead of Photoshop


A great news that I heard today is the Camera Raw will let me edit JPEGs in the same manner as RAW files, just not out of the box.

For this you have to modify one thing in Edit/Preferences/File handling:
– push the Camera Raw Preferences… button
Down at the bottom you have JPEF and TIFF Handling. In this dropdown
– select Automatically open all supported JPEGs
and voila! you have the same super fast and powerful editor for JPEGs, as you were using for your RAWs.

Small benefits of using Camera Raw instead of Photoshop itself is that CR is very fast compared to Photoshop, because:

1. you don’t have to apply layers for any modification
2. you can see the images in pretty big thumbnail, side by side
3. you can switch fast between pictures and remain in the same controls
4. all the tools (you use in PS also) are placed very handy in only one window (crop,straighten, rotate, WB pick)
5. you can apply the same corrections for several/all pictures at once – this is the biggest gain i.e. when you shoot a batch

an then, if you automate saving and closing files you might be done with all your work here. Just push Select All button in upper left, wait a little to have all files open in their respective document window and then call your batch from File/Automate/Batch and you’re done for today. This in another post. Link.

– CR is absolutely non-destructive, as Photoshop is
– even more, CR saves all the modifications in an .xmp file with the same name of the picture. You can save at any time this file too and reproduce all these alterations later, or even on another computer.
– you can rename this .xmp file for another different alterations and use anyone you like, just renaming them to the same name of the image file.
– you can delete the .xmp file and revert to original on opening or use the Default (hyperlink like) button to cancel them all.

Rumors say that Camera Raw 5.5 is coming and it will support Olympus E-P1 files.This in another post.Link.


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